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We are dedicated to helping hurting people and addressing the wide variety of needs of our congregation. 

How can we help?

In life everyone will go through different challenges.
No matter what you are walking through, the TAG Church wants to
encourage and help you on your journey.

  • Are you struggling with depression? 
  • Are you having trouble getting over a divorce? 
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Are you struggling with an addiction? 
  • Do you have a child with special needs?

Lifeline Connection is here for you.

 TAG Church's Lifeline Connection is a ministry of Teen Challenge.  We are a non-resident site that offers multiple small groups for those with life-controlling challenges. Life-controlling challenges fall into 3 categories: Substance - drugs, alcohol, food,  prescription medications, Behavior - gambling, pornography, outbursts of anger, etc. and  Co-dependent, unhealthy or enmeshed relationships.  

Directors: Michael & Mckenzie Tomlinson
Spiritual Emphasis Celebration Night 

Lifeline Connection Provides: 


Begin ministry to those who are incarcerated/unable to function responsibly because of their addiction, referring and assisting them to go on to a long-term residential program, as alternate sentencing or choice of will. 


Provide relevant ministry to those that are reasonably functional in spite of their addiction.  This allows the client to be responsible for daily necessities.  The client needs to make a commitment to receive help and hope through the support groups and caring relationships with Lifeline Connection Staff. 


Provide effective ministry to families of those with life-controlling issues, offering encouragement and boundaries and allowing families to work through issues together as a family.


Provide effective follow-up to those clients that have completed long-term recovery programs, providing continued positive peer choice, accountability, boundaries, and consistency.


This small group discusses the Upward Path to Christian Character as described in 2 Peter 1:3-11, the definition of a life-controlling problem, delusion and denial, walls of defenses, care fronting and leveling.
A 12-step recovery group applying Scripture to each step.
Specifically targeted for families of those struggling with addictions, and covers enabling, boundaries, and co-dependency, as well as comfort, hope, and letting go and letting God.
Small group ministry helping family members come to grips with abuse and family violence, and seeing the healing of wounded emotions.
Crossroads - Choosing the Path to Sexual Purity - Understanding Depression - Handling Loss and Grief - Anger, Our Master or Our Servant - Seeing Yourself in God's Image - Others
Please contact TAG Church Lifeline Connection Directors: 
Michael & McKenzie Tomlinson
(501) 651-0555
11120 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72212