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Revival Weekend

TAG Church is a SPIRIT-FILLED church marked by the flames of REVIVAL. We exist for revival. We are a hub for revival and outpouring in the greater Central Arkansas region. Rather than enjoying seasonal outpourings, God has chosen TAG as a place of continued refreshing. As a hub of revival, you will find hungry people! Hunger for more of God and prayer is what continues to sustain the revival that God sent here in 2014. REVIVAL IS OUR CULTURE!
Most revivals last only days. Even revivals that made history, most only lasted 3-5 years. For example, Azusa (3 years) and Brownsville (5 years). At TAG Church, we long for a revival culture. A revival culture is something that you are. We aren't just seeking revival, we are becoming revival. We don't go to revival, we are revival. We must move beyond just craving revival to creating revival.
We can't keep living in the initial outpouring from 2014. We need strategic outpourings that not only build a revival culture but will also sustain revival. Sustaining revival requires constant pursuit. We never stop pursuing revival.
We have found that the things that bring revival are the same things that will sustain revival.
  • Revival is preceded by extended times of prayer. Revival is always sustained through prayer.
  • Revival comes when God's people become hungry for more of God. They are always sustained when God's people continue in their pursuit for more of God.
  • Revival is marked by anointed preaching of the Word of God. Revival is sustained in the same way.
  • Revival results in evangelism. Revival is sustained by the burning desire to evangelize, to share the Good News with others.
  • Revival is centered upon Jesus Christ. Revival is sustained only as Christ remains the center of attention.