About TAG Kids

TAG Kids is for children, ages 5-12.  On Sunday mornings we create an atmosphere where children experience relational fellowship, equipping discipleship, empowering ministry and the love of the Living God.  TAG Kids is both fun and life-changing and children will come to know the Lord as their Savior here!

TAG Kids YouTube channel

Bring TAG Kids home by accessing the new TAG Kid's YouTube channel, where they will find our new video series.
 They will enjoy hilarious, relatable, heart-felt webisodes, all while hearing the message of Christ's love.

New to TAG:
What to expect in TAG Kids 

TAG Kids believes children need to know that God is a great big God and He wants them to live a great big life! Guiding kids towards a solid spiritual foundation is at the heart of our thriving ministry.
TAG Kids, the children’s ministry of TAG Church, desires to partner with parents in their child’s spiritual journey. We want to help infants through sixth graders build their best life now! Check out all the amazing opportunities TAG Kids has to offer!

TAG Toddlers (Infants to  3 yrs)

TAG Toddlers is dedicated to seeing our babies learn about Jesus and God's love.  We accomplish this with interactive story time, play, and showing them Christ-like love from beginning to end.  TAG Toddlers is an environment infused with tender care and instruction, while providing a high level of security and safety.  It is our goal to see after the physical and spiritual needs of the babies while allowing parents the opportunity to attend service with no worries! 

TAG TOTS ( 3 yrs to 5 yrs)

TAG Tots is dedicated to the mission of building a strong foundation in Bible truths.  We do this through interactive story time, play, audio/video experiences that tell the true story of the Bible.  We love to work with preschoolers in engaging ways that spark their imaginations and teach the message of Jesus Christ in a way that is easy to understand. 


When you serve in TAG Kids you have the opportunity to love kids, serve with an amazing group of people, and grow in your walk with God. We invite you to apply online or stop by the TAG Kids welcome center  and start your journey today!