Living Free is a Christian ministry that provides small group discipleship. The materials are biblically based, Christ centered, and designed to benefit all church members and other ministries - challenging them to examine their own lives and equipping them to reach their communities by addressing the heart-felt needs of the people.

What To Expect?

After you choose the group that is right for you, sign up for that specific group by clicking HERE. Living Free groups will be  on Wednesday Nights from 7:00PM to 8:15PM at TAG Church. The address to the church is 11120 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock Arkansas, 72212.
There is no pressure to share when you are in group study and privacy is a must.
Part 1 - Start with prayer and introductions.
Part 2 - Goes into self awareness which is a time of self examination and sharing at your comfort level.
Part 3 - Spiritual Awareness; A time of Bible study.
Part 4 - Application; A group discussion on the application of the Biblical principles from part 3.

What Living Free Groups are next?
When does Sessions start and end?


New Groups will begin in September

      Conflict Resolution= Peacemaking will be on Wednesdays beginning September 13th @ 7 PM 

How to Become a Great Leader is  beginning Sunday September 17th - one hour service ends

            Anger: Our Master or Our Servant is  beginning Sunday 17th = one hour after service ends

Spiritual Emphasis is Wednesday  November 8th at 7 PM 

Meet your Living Free Director

Tracy King and her husband Doug have been married for 18 years and have one grown son.  Tracy has a heart to see people saved by the power of the Gospel and grow in God’s grace.  Tracy leads the discipleship ministry at TAG Church including: Fresh Start for New Believers, Right Now Media, and Living Free which helps believers live overcoming lives.

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Anger: Our Master or Our Servant
Often people will not recognize anger as a problem or issue but will deny or hide it. Would you like to learn clear principles on how to manage anger? We are taught how to think, but few of us have been taught how to live with our feelings. Come and join us and find ways to understand and direct anger from a Biblical perspective.  This group begins Sunday September 17th - one hour after service ends. 
This group will meet in New Beginnings Classroom
Facilitated by Tyron Tatum and Lesley Kelly
The Workbook is $20

How to Become a Great Leader
Pastor Dwayne will share his personal experience of lessons learned in leadership. You will learn some important leadership qualities that you must have to lead in the Kingdom of God. These same qualities are also beneficial in secular leadership. Pastor believes he can help keep others from making the same mistakes.  This group begins Sunday September 17th - one hour after service begins. 
Facilitated by: Senior Pastor Dwayne Maynard
This group will meet in the Elevate Room
No material costs

Conflict Resolution - Peacemaking
)Would you like suggestions about when and how to confront someone Biblically? This groups study helps us understand conflict and our response to it. It also helps to see conflict as an opportunity to glorify God. This study offers a Biblical approach to negotiating and dealing with conflict. This group begins Wednesday September 13th from 7 to 8:15 PM 
Facilitated by: Rick Culbreth and Amy Knight
This group will meet in the Elevate Room
The Workbook is $20