Living Free is a Christian ministry that provides small group discipleship. The materials are biblically based, Christ centered, and designed to benefit all church members and other ministries - challenging them to examine their own lives and equipping them to reach their communities by addressing the heart-felt needs of the people.

What To Expect?

After you choose the group that is right for you, sign up for that specific group by clicking HERE. Living Free groups will be  on Wednesday Nights from 7:00PM to 8:15PM at TAG Church. The address to the church is 11120 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock Arkansas, 72212.
There is no pressure to share when you are in group study and privacy is a must.
Part 1 - Start with prayer and introductions.
Part 2 - Goes into self awareness which is a time of self examination and sharing at your comfort level.
Part 3 - Spiritual Awareness; A time of Bible study.
Part 4 - Application; A group discussion on the application of the Biblical principles from part 3.

What Living Free Groups are next?
When does Sessions start and end ?

  Wednesday Nights  7 to 8:15pm
New Groups beginning : January 12 -  March 9,  2022

Spiritual  Emphasis will be on March 16 , 2022

This Discipleship group will discuss overcoming setbacks and disappointments that are presently hindering your spiritual development. We often find that our lives are shaped by our experience in early life, often caused by rejection, which comes in many forms. The path to true identity (removing the mask) and freedom in Christ is found in trusting God. The Lord provides us with a fresh start and enables us to walk the process.
Facilitated by: Jerod and Paula Getz
Will meet in the ELEVATE ROOM

Facilitated by: Curtis and Hope Conley
This discipleship group will look at how to experience the L:ord's healing while in the process of bereavement. How to grieve Christianly is supernatural and requires you to invite the Holy Spirit to guide you in the process of loss and bereavement. Recovery is sure, the Lord wants His children to be whole. Death and loss gnaw at our sense of peace until we complete the grief work in the light of God's love.
Facilitated by: Curtis and Hope Conley
Will meet in Fresh Start Classroom

This Discipleship group brings attention to another type of stronghold, which is relationship addictions such as: Emotionally dependent, physically dependent, and Codependent relationships. While also dealing with ways to help a family member or friend who is trapped by life-controlling problems.

Facilitated by: Chris and Erin Roland
Will meet in Coffee Connections 

Meet your Living Free Director

Tracy King and her husband Doug have been married for 18 years and have one grown son.  Tracy has a heart to see people saved by the power of the Gospel and grow in God’s grace.  Tracy leads the discipleship ministry at TAG Church including: Fresh Start for New Believers, Right Now Media, and Living Free which helps believers live overcoming lives.

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